This blog serves to offer a therapist-in-training’s perspective on issues in the field of mental health, counseling and psychology, as well as a tool for self-reflection related to counseling. This blog will not be used to discuss the issues of specific clients, as I strongly value confidentiality and take privacy concerns very seriously.  There may be moments where I use an anonymous example to illustrate a point, but but order to protect the privacy of current and former clients and uphold ACA ethical codes, I intend to be as vague as possible. No real names or identifying information will be used about any current or former clients, nor will any examples intend to cause any harm; if a certain example is found to be potentially harmful, it will be removed from this blog.

While this blog serves to enhance my professional career, it remains a personal blog. All opinions are my own and do not reflect my place of employment. As evidenced by the title, I am not  licensed clinician, and I am (probably) not your therapist. The topics written about in this blog are not intended to serve as professional advice, and those that take any advice or information in this blog do so at their own risk. If you feel as though you are in a state of crisis, please call 911, a Crisis Hotline, or your nearest Crisis Center.


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