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The neophyte therapist is someone who’s just starting out as a mental health professional. Someone who constantly questions, analyzes, and self-reflects. What do I do in this situation? Am I doing this right? How do I know if I’m helping this person? The neophyte therapist has not seen it all, despite how jaded the therapist may be after the first clinical internship experience, and is always striving to “figure out” why people are the way they are (of course, there’s no one explanation – people are way too complicated for such simplicity).

I’m one of those people. In August 2012 and May 2013, I obtained an M.S.Ed in Counseling and Mental Health Services and an M.Phil.Ed in Professional Counseling, respectively. After passing the National Counseling Exam, now I’m at least two years, 3,000 supervised hours and lots of paperwork and money away from being an Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania.  A former supervisor once referred to me (in the nicest way possible) as a “baby therapist,” and that’s exactly what I am. Currently, I’m employed as full-time therapist at a mental health agency in Philadelphia and serve child, adolescent, and adult clients with a large variety of mental health concerns. With slightly over one year of of post-graduate experience under my belt, I’ve been learning much more about what it really takes to be an experienced, capable and qualified therapist.

Think of this personal (not professional – see Disclaimer page) blog as my own personal journey navigating the ups and downs of the “real world” as it pertains to therapy, counseling, and other related topics that may come about.



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