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Self-disclosure is one of those tricky “grey areas” in therapy, but most professionals recognize that if it serves to benefit the client, then self-disclosure is (for the most part) acceptable and useful. With my clients, I find that some self-disclosure helps build the therapeutic relationship and has the client see me as a person, rather than a robot. It may be presumptuous to assume that you, the reader, would want to know information about me, but as a person, I tend to be curious about the person behind the article I’m reading.

Yes, I’m a therapist, but people are not their jobs. So, because this is classified as a personal blog (see Disclaimer), here’s some basic information that might help you get to know the person behind the blog.

Name: Amy

Age: In the 18-34 age box

Current location: Philadelphia, PA

Coping strategies/enjoyable daily activities: Running, watching bad TV, spending time with family and friends, reading things, sounding like a cliche millennial

Myers-Briggs personality type: ENFP

Fun fact: I have an action figure of Sigmund Freud at my desk.


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