10 reasons why Sundays may just be the best day of the week

Ah, Sundays. Often times, we get just a little sad when Sunday rolls around. After all, they’re often not as exciting as it’s big brother Saturday and there’s always that incessant reminder that the dreaded Monday is right around the corner. But really, what’s so wrong with Sundays? They’re still a day of the weekend, you still have off from work (most you, anyway), and there are things about them that can be really great. Yes, Saturday offers tough competition, but if you put your mind to it, anybody has the ability to make Sundays significantly better than expected. Here are my top 10 reasons why Sundays are awesome, and maybe even the best day of the week. And for those of you that aren’t into these things, well, think of your own! I’m sure you can make Sundays amazing.

1. FOOTBALL. Okay, so maybe some of you don’t like sports. Fine. There’s still nine more reasons. But every Sunday from September to the first Sunday in February, you can be sure that I will be sprawled out on the couch, or at any relative who lives in the area, or at the local watering hole ready to watch the Eagles kick some serious butt (and then completely blow it in the 4th quarter with five turnovers). Sure, it’s tough when your team is on a bad losing streak, and you may go from elated to enraged in a matter of seconds, but when it’s such a deeply rooted tradition, it’s tough to turn your back on it. NFL Sunday means bonding with my family and my city over men in tights tackling each other. Plus, screaming at the TV in a sports-induced rage beats taking your aggression out on other people.

2. The long run. Yeah, some of you might not be into this one either. But most runners I know enjoy nothing more than a good long Sunday morning run. Usually by Sundays, there’s so much on my mind that it needs to go somewhere (if only I was Dumbledore and had a pensive). On Sundays, I have the time (over an hour!) to lace up my sneakers, put on my music, and let my thoughts go on the road. Everyone needs good coping skills and ways to let their thoughts out, and mine is spending over an hour pounding the pavement.

3. Brunch. Put this right after a run and you might just make me the happiest person in existence. I mean really, is there any meal better than the one between breakfast and lunch? Eggs. Random meats. Pancakes. Waffles. Fruit salads. Stuffed. French. Toast. So many delectable tastes, so many Sundays to enjoy them. And now for the biggest dilemma: sweet or savory?

4. Lazy Sundays. Okay, maybe this one’s for those of you that aren’t into the NFL or waking up early to run for over an hour. It’s in the title. You’re working like a dog Monday through Friday, and Saturdays are usually filled with errands and outings. Most of us could probably use a much needed rest from life’s craziness – Sundays give us that chance. Nobody’s going to make you feel guilty for sleeping in until past noon. Nobody even cares if you put on pants. Unless you go outside. Then that might be a criminal offense.

5. Poker. Or book club. Or kickball. Or knitting circles. Or whatever. A group of friends and I all play a friendly game of Texas Hold’em every Sunday evening to wind down the weekend. It’s a good way to catch up, get some friendly competition in (especially after an adrenaline rush watching the Eagles game), and maybe even win some money. Unless you’re me and on a bad losing streak. Can’t win ’em all, right?

6. Family dinners. When my siblings and I were much younger, we would watch The Simpsons; we would see that as dysfunctional as they may be, they still ate dinner as a family. My parents worked a lot, and my family did not often get the chance to eat dinner together. Except for Sundays. We would go around in the circle and share our best and worst moments of the week. Now, all the kids are grown up and no longer living at home, but we’ll still do occasional home-cooked (or take-out) Sunday night dinners. And really, there’s no better feeling.

7. Online shopping deals. Some problems can’t be solved by running, talking it out, or writing it down. That’s what retail therapy is for. And as a new mental health therapist drowning in student loans, there’s nothing I like more than a good bargain. Enter the millions of online shopping retailers offering Sunday Night Deals and Steals, where you can get everything from clothes to flatware to electronics to all-inclusive vacations. Sure, my wallet may be sad and empty by the time Sunday night rolls around, but hey, it was 20-80% off!

8. The Sunday paper. Until print journalism becomes completely obliterated by the interwebs, we still have the Sunday paper. And while those crossword puzzles are nearly impossible, it still makes you feel really good when you get even two “for sure” answers. And when you get defeated, there’s always the comics. That Kathy is so darn edgy!

9. Breaking Bad. Yes, this one is also time limited, but given how good this show is, it makes the list. I won’t even say anything more about this one. Just go binge-watch on Netflix and see for yourself. In six weeks, you can replace this one with whatever Sunday night show you watch. Because let’s be real – all the best shows are put in the Sunday night time slot.

10. The three day weekend. Yes, going to bed on a Sunday may be bittersweet; you’ve just had an amazing day running, eating brunch, watching football, and playing poker, and now it’s back to the grind tomorrow. Well not today! Labor Day is right around the corner, and guess what? You (probably) don’t have to work tomorrow! And nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a paid holiday.

So there you have it. If we can start looking forward to Sundays, maybe Mondays aren’t too far behind…


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